research for our preliminary task

for our preliminary , Evie and I initially thought of doing a legally blonde/ beggar type of situation where a rich girl made her money from begging, however after thinking about this idea we decided that it wouldn’t showcase our skills and make a decent preliminary task.

Our next idea was to schizophrenia, but to make the topic less specific we are calling the preliminary ‘psychosis’ as this is more generic and can have a bigger target audience. the idea of doing psychosis was originally that it would make a interesting preliminary, even though we know hardly anything about the subject, we thought some research would help further our understanding.

Searching on YouTube turned out to be long and laborious until we found this video of a day in the life of Schizophrenic. the video basically shows a man walking around his house from a P.O.V shot and with sounds overlaid of what he hears, the video becomes more intense and the voices become more demanding and more destroying to listen to.

The part we wanted to take from this was the over laying diegetic sounds of the voices that made the man disoriented and panicked, although we liked the camera angles we decided that the type of shots in this video didn’t suit our prelimnary task. The mise-en-scene although correct for this video didn’t correlate with a teenage girls room, however I liked the way I could find slight hints about the mans personality  from his house which is something we took inspiration from.



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