The film Deadpool has a very intricate story with a comical twist, the main character played by Ryan Reynolds in the film known as Wade Wilson is a past special forces operative, however when antagonist scientist Ajax transforms, disfigures and tortures into the character we see, Deadpool After this process Deadpool now has healing powers with a strange sense of humour, he begins to hunt down the man who did this to him.

The opening scene can be summarised as still shots from a 3D perspective. The first shot we see is an animated version of a comic book it gives the impression of a fan flicking quickly through, as it reveals the title ‘Marvel’, by doing this it gives the film an authentic tone. The next shot we see is a still of a bullet about to drive into a man who is screaming although the shot is still, it looks 3D as we zoom out of the eye of the bullet to see the bigger picture within doing this we get a range of different shots such as extreme close up, close up And a mid shot, this is a very interesting opening scene as it introduces us to the characters in stills of the action, by doing this we begin to see what is about to occur in the film almost as if it is a quick summary without giving away the ending. As it further carry on zooming out we see the gun which shot the bullet from before, as the shot carries on there are pieces of debris in the air, such as glass and also a set of keys, I really like the idea of objects being in mid-air during a shot this is perhaps something I would like to add into my own work. The comical side of the film begins to entail in the same shot as the camera carries on zooming out it slides past a people magazine with the title “sexist man alive” with the main character Ryan Reynolds on the front this is ironic and quite comical as for starters Ryan Reynolds in the film is disfigured and also not alive, by adding in this one small feature we can tell that this is not a serious film but a comical superhero film, which in itself doesn’t fit into a genre apart from a spoof. I personally really like these shots as the shot by itself would be a very serious opening scene but the editing and the props added in make the film stand out and add a contrast between serious and funny striking that perfect balance.

The composition of the opening credits is very similar to Forrest Gump as the characters introduced dominate the entire screen however not only the characters dominate the screen but the objects as well this makes the characters very distant as if we are only seeing one part of them, the aesthetics side but we also see through other shots that as we go through the film we will begin to see more about who they are, this is very interesting to me as it demonstrates how to pull in the audience and create interest within this piece. This is something that I would like to place into my own opening credits by not revealing to much but still enough to get the audience intrigued in the film that is about to start.

The mise-en-scene in the opening credits of Deadpool is extremely clever, as not only does it looks like the start of a marvel movie it also creates comedy, like I said before about the people magazine. The props in the opening scene is really what introduces us to Deadpool’s sense of humour it also invites the audience to not take the film to seriously as it is light hearted comedy, in which we see Deadpool with a hello kitty lip balm dangling just behind him. The costumes of the actors makes the film more realistic as some of the characters wear ordinary clothing but the superhero, Deadpool wears his costume which was made to try and cover up his disfigurement however this is not yet known to the audience, this makes the film have that classic feel of a marvel movie, of a superhero in the real world.

The sound is Deadpool is very strange as the film genre is action with parts being comical; the music however sung by Juice Newton is slow and has a romantic vibe by doing this it really contrasts action film with romantic movie adding to the comical effect. In the song the women sings very sweetly about a man who she doesn’t want to leave ,but at the same time the shot is of a man holding a gun to another man’s head by doing this is definitely sits the film Deadpool in the genre of a spoof but also unravels some hints about the film.

However the most intriguing comical part of the whole opening has to be the ironic sarcastic titles which includes the names of “The Director, an overpaid tool” or for another example “some douchebag’s film” the editing of the titles though simple are really effective they move with the people or objects and disappear when something passes over it for example a bullet, the movement of the titles is another thing I would like to add to my own piece but perhaps not the sarcastic titles although it works for this film due to it be a comedy it is not something I would wish to include in my own opening credits. The titles themselves move very slowly reflecting the music pace, which is typical for most films to have that synchronous edit.


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