The genre into which se7en fits into is what I would call psychological thriller as the film is about a serial killer whose murders are all linked to one of the seven deadly sins. The main characters include Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. In the film they investigate a psychotic man who has been given the name ‘John Doe’ as we carry on watching the film all of the bodies begin to form a sermon which is aimed at the two detectives.

A montage of different clips of one of the detectives work makes up the opening credits, within this there are shots that include close ups and bird eye view shots this paired with quick cuts makes the piece seem jumbled and confusing perhaps this is a slight insight into the mind of one of the detectives of perhaps into the mind of the murder. I particularly like one of the birds eye view shot where we begin to see into the deaths of what is about to happen, the shot is of a boy with an object impaled into his scalp, by having these types of shots it also allows the audience to understand what the film is going to be about and starts to reveal what type of horrific deaths will occur throughout the movie. During the opening scene there is no dialogue or a clear character shown which draws all the viewers’ attention onto the books and objects being shown really drawing on the torment in the film. The part of the camera work that I would include in my own work would be the part where it reveals subtly what is about to partake in the film.

The composition of the opening scene doesn’t follow the rule of thirds but it does have other interesting features for example every object introduced dominates the screen, which drags importance onto each and every one of the objects but this is also confusing to the viewer but perhaps this has been done to try and bring the audience into the mind of the detectives and how confusing it is for them to figure what is occurring.

The mise-en-scene in the opening scene builds a strong idea of what the film is going to be about and what to expect from this film. The tone of the whole opening is sinister partly due to the books and pictures of the young boy who has been murdered but also to the colour palette of the film which are mostly grey, brown and black it is all very monotone apart from the colour red, as red usually connotes to blood or death it is very fitting to this piece drawing a strong significance towards the only bright colour. The part I would like to include in my own work would be the lighting as it is very dull and distant however there are some shadows that pass over the top of the books and pictures which could potentially create tension in the viewer as they could begin to wonder who it is the serial killer or is the detectives, I like the idea of drawing the viewer into the piece and keeping them on edge of what is about to happen when the film starts.

I particularly like the editing in this opening scene as it puts the on edge it does this by using effects and transition which suggest the idea of chaos or perhaps it signifies how his mind is processing the information. The shots in the opening sequence are not in a chronological order which adds to the effect of chaos. In this opening sequence there is a dip to black which could suggest darkness or perhaps it could signify death.

The sound is opening scene is mostly non-diegetic with high pitched music almost as if someone is screaming, the sound of this is uncomfortable and hard to listen to a typical convention for a thriller or a horror. The fast paced music in the background could be done to try and raise the heartbeat of the viewer as fast paced music creates tension within the viewer or perhaps suspense of what is about to happen. As the opening scene comes to end the music gets louder and the beat gets faster which could connote that something is about to happen, I think this is a very crucial part to having a successful opening which is way I would like to include this into my own piece as the music reflects the tone of the film.

The titles are my favourite part to this opening scene as they have a fitting nature to the film; the titles are hand written in scrawny child-like writing which slants across the page. The font of the writing looks as if it’s been scratched into a wall, there is also editing which makes the text move, the disorientating movement is difficult to watch as the titles almost twitch in an eerie movement. The text is reflective of the film itself as the writing is messed up and sometimes is written the wrong way round it shows the audience that this is not a typical thriller movie, it also allows the audience into how twisted the film really is. The child-like handwriting is eerie to me as in the opening scene there is a little boy with his head impaled, it creates a disturbing uncomfortable titles to watch.


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