You were born to be a rainstorm

To send your voice throughout the night

To sing your song with fallen raindrops

To break the darkness with your light

You were born to show raw beauty

To wash the dirt out from their eyes

But the whole world ran for cover

When you opened up your skies

So you made your thunder silent

And learnt to bite your rainy tongue

You gave them what they thought they wanted

You gave them life with endless sun

But as you watched their lives grew weaker

Watched as their leaves turned brown and dry

They wished they didn’t take for granted,

Your booming presence in the sky

You were born to be a rainstorm

To be chaotic and be bold

To show theirs beauty in knowledge

That you cannot be controlled

Because you might think your not needed,

life without you is the same

But nothing beautiful would ever grow

If it wasn’t washed with rain

– Erin Hanson

Too have a opening credits first I need to think of an idea that I can take and run with, as I was scrolling through meaningless timelines I stumbled across this poem without a title and without a poet,after further research of this poem I discovered it was wrote by a girl named Erin Hanson who is 19 from Australia. This poem made me envision what I would like to do with my opening credits, perhaps with this poem as a voice over.

As my ideas for the opening credits are still a bit jumbled I’m going to list them, I’ll see how it goes…

  • voice over of the poem
  • A continuous shot of a girl layed still in a bath not breathing.
  • Objects in mid air frozen around her for example; shampoo bottles,perhaps keys or money ( idea taken from Deadpool).
  • Long drawn out breathe at the end as the poem closes to the end.
  • 3D distortion titles that are also frozen in mid air.
  • Long continuous edits ( idea from Forrest Gump) with perhaps cut ins of what has led to this point before had to let the viewer know what has happened.
  • Psychological thriller is the genre I would like to do. (genre idea taken from se7en)

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