Room – Notable media

My favourite film is a psychological thriller called ‘Room’


noun: room; plural noun: rooms
space that can be occupied or where something can be done.
“there’s only room for a single bed in there”
a part or division of a building enclosed by walls, floor, and ceiling.
“he wandered from room to room”
  • Room is a word so harmless,but in the context of this film it can change from a room to a prison, personally I believe that the title  is a sinister spin on the definition of the word ‘room’
  • a basic summary of the film would be that a young girl at the age of 17 was taken by man who conned her into thinking she was helping him, for the next 5 years she is confined in a garden shed which she and her son who was born there creepily call it ‘room’.
  • The most intriguing thing about this film is that at the start it looks as though a mother and son are celebrating a birthday with little money in a small podgy flat, however as the film gets to about 30 minutes we begin to see odd snippets of what is really going on. For me I like to create confusion within the viewer, making them second guess what they are really watching and I believe this film does this extremely well.
  • Although the shot types, framing and editing are all minimal and basic, the mise-en-scene is so breathe taking it makes up for all of this. the majority of the film is one room, one scene and one set. The director of this film has done it so clever that you never get bored of one scene and there is constantly action or distress that the scene becomes so normalised, perhaps this is done because to the girl and her son the ‘Room’ become so normal to them that they knew no different.


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