how to freeze frame

okay, so the first freeze I did was awful, I’m not sure why I’m closing a curtain and what could be possibly interesting about that… I don’t know

so I then decided why not try again, as I mention before I wanted to carry on advancing my knowledge of freeze framing so I did some freeze framing but with movement, this mean that as the camera moves so does the object ( or me jumping) to do this took so much effort and time, eventually I got a 2 second clip ( yeah 2 hours for 2 seconds, fun how that works out)

so the steps I took to create this piece were fairly simple but very time consuming,

number 1. place a clip in adobe after effects ( easy)

number 2. drag the clip down to the composition area

number 3. double click on the footage and hopefully a panel should appear saying tracker, inside that box select track camera

number 4. click the analyse box and wait absolutely ages.

number 5.  click create camera ( this will help make it 3D well I hope so)

number 6. drag your curser along the frame and select where you want your freeze frame to be once you have decided press the ‘*’ key this is just a marker ( its helpful honestly)

number 7. go to composition and click save frame, once it has saved render your file,  make sure the output is to import

number 8. this should know be where all your footage is, drag this down to the sequence make sure it is the top layer and drag the end to where the marker is ( helpful see)

number 9. use the pen tool and go around the object you want to be frozen, try and make it detailed

number 10. the rest of the background should disappear if your edges are rough then you can feather by click ‘MM’  and messing with the feathering until you like what you see

number 11. if you want movement you need to click the 3D button  ( its the last box out of three on the layer) this should create another freeze frame object drag this over the first freeze frame and try to match the size

number 12. go to effects and pre-sets and type in ‘corner pin’ drag this onto the freeze frame layer

number 13. drag all the pins onto the corner of the composition as this will match it up with the original footage

number 14. render and your done



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