Treatment – Rainstorm

For my treatment I am going to describe what my film is going to be about, where it will be set, and some of the main ideas I want to include in my film opening. To sum up my film idea in one sentence I would say that it is a film about a young girl who believes that the closer she comes to death the more magical things that happen. If you were to read just that sentence I’m not sure you would understand what I mean so basically the treatment will describe this in much more detail.

I suppose what I mean by the closer she comes to death the more magical things that happen, is that for example if she was to hold her breathe objects would begin to rise in the air, or if she was to hold her breathe under water the longer she held her breathe the higher the objects would rise but as good fun as this is there is also a serious message behind the film idea. For someone who is in the mind frame of self harm, harming themselves is seen to be the only way they can regain control over some part of there lives, and in effect this is what the film will be based around for her when she hurts her self she sees magic, and the closer and closer she gets to death the more the magic intensifies; for someone who is self harming the closer they get to death the more control they regain but when people actually do die the magic ends and the control ends the pain is passed on.
By creating a mythical film I believe I can get across this subject matter.

As for this project the part we are focusing on the most is the opening credits but I would also like to give a rough idea about where the film would go if I was to make the whole thing,  a simple outline to the story would be; a girl since from she can remember has the power to make objects move but only when she stops breathing, as she gets older the longer she holds her breathe the move the objects move/rise,  the film will show the progression from the girls perspective, the psychiatrist who is trying to explain that objects don’t move, however through all this we will see elements of depression and anxiety to try and sublimely get across the message of what the film is about, the film would end with the girl dying as she believes that when she dies the most beautiful magical thing will happen but what she doesn’t understand is these magical things only occur when she herself is alive. The film idea is based around a poem called ‘Rainstorm’ by Erin Hanson, the poem focuses on suicide and how beautiful life is but only when you are around to witness it.

The name of the film was simple the name of the poem as it was based around the poem I could see no better fit than ‘Rainstorm’ also I liked the idea that she is not a thunderstorm but just a rainstorm a gentle storm providing life to plants and animals but looked upon by humans as an inconvenience, the perfect name for this film. We also had to come up with a tagline at first I was going to have it as a line from the poem until I started searching for other poems that Erin Hanson had written, after reading many mesmerising poems I found a poem with the line “what if I fall?” “but oh darling what if you fly” to me this was the most amazing tagline I could ever find for this film as it incorporated so well into the film idea I had other ideas such as ‘to fly or to fall’ but ultimately I prefer the line from Erin Hanson.



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