Rainstorm- Titling

last night I was messing around with some fonts and tilting, so I decided since I have the next morning off, why not practice some titling skills, here is how it went and also how I did it

the first thing I did was draw the titles onto paper using a pencil at first and going over with a pen the titles I did was inspired by ‘Beautiful Creatures’


then I went to get the picture scanned and put on the computer from there I went on photoshop darken the titles so they stood out


the next step was to use adobe after effects where I used frame blending to remove the white background

to get the animated words I used the generate effect called stroke, using the pen tool I highlighted where I wanted the words to appear

the final step was to go on premiere pro and add some sound and a background however I realised that I needed to get rid of the white again so I used colour key and removed the white. I also had to up the tolerance level to make sure it was all gone

and here is what I came up with…


credit of the cloud footage- Aliyah Asif



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