sound// I giorni and Rainstorm

this week I wanted to take a look at sound, as for the past few weeks my main focus has been on editing I wanted to change it up a little bit

so, I what I did was find a very talented piano playing who goes by the name of Eleanor Able and ask if she would play a piece of music for me.

now, as no copyrighted  music was is allowed in the production and most free music is a bit… I decided I would record all the music and sounds in my piece. the song I asked Eleanor to play is called i giorni by ludovico einaudi we changed the composition up as well to fit what i am hoping to make.

the next part i decided i would add is a reading of the poem Rainstorm by Erin Hanson all, please take into consideration that i recorded this on my phone and this is not the final draft its a little bit crackly but its the best i can do at this point.

so piecing all this together and adding the titles i made previously this is my end product

(drafted first product)


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