floating// after effects

so for this week I wanted to look at making people float or objects float as this is a key concept in my film opening.

what I went to do was to film myself on a green screen and propping my back up on chairs only problem with that is I have no balance what so ever- it took a while to get there-  but eventually we got a clear shot of me balanced on the chair.

the next step was after effects to get rid of the green screen which took longer than I expected and quite a bit of research but after playing around with the effects and the controls I manged to get a clear cut of myself floating

next I added in a background and created a shadowing using some 3d tools

Originally I wanted to look into using floating in my film as this is no longer what I’m doing I’ve still learnt some valuable skills from doing this such as colour key, colour correction and the pen tool. These skills now become transferable into what I want to make and come up with.

one of the most transferable skills and developed skills I have learnt from this is probably the colour keying and understanding that the light in the picture and the light of the object has to be the same to make a believable scene, which I now know. The colour key was not as easy as I expected it to be. To be honest I thought you clicked a button and all the work would be done… so not the case it took keying and framing and all sorts of stuff to get what you see below. But all in all it worked to some degree.


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