Character Inspiration

The character in my opening sequence is called “Aurora” quite obviously after Disney’s sleeping beauty however this isn’t my only inspiration for the character, another source of inspiration was Susanne from “Girl, Interrupted” as her personality is so mellow and unique with her facial expressions almost unreadable.

The opening sequence its self is very fantasy based ,kind of a twisted fairy-tale hence the name Aurora. Another aspect from “Sleeping beauty” is Auroras hair with it being long and blonde I wanted to portray part of her style into my own version of the character.

the other bits about the character don’t really stem from anywhere specific, I suppose they are just small sections from people I have met that have influenced the way I think and the form this film will take.

The mis-en-scene hopefully will be a short black dress which during the forest part changes to a lighter coloured dress. The reason I would like Eleanor to wear a black dress is to show that she wears her mental illness on the outside as it shows though the clothing, but during the forest scene the place she feels happy the clothing will be lighter and  floats to visually show her change in attitude and well being. although the clothing doesn’t stem from the character Sleeping Beauty there will still be references to her though out for example the name, and the story book of Sleeping Beauty.

Eleanor is very similar to Aurora, so I’ve roped her in to play the main part in my opening sequence.



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