Girl, Interrupted// Notable media

truthful, honest, and insightful are words I would use to describe this film. A film so passionate and real you cannot help but think about it for days after. “Girl,inturrpted” was so carefully thought about with the way it was edited: montages, eye-line matches and graphic matches. The composition of every shot placed to have its desired meaning, the movement or the stills of the camera used to capture the feeling in that moment, and the angles were so obscure you could not help but feel uneasy.

The shots I want to talk about in detail is the graphic match. For example when the main character is sat in her hospital dorm room when the nurse is suppose to open the door her mum bursts through creating a graphic match that drags us into the scene. Although this isn’t something I want to bring into my own opening scene the beauty from the editing makes us see how easy the girl gets trigger into her own past something as simple as the door opening.

Another editing technique this is note worthy is the montage which is typically used in films to show progression but still keeps the audience intrigued. In “Girl, Interrupted” the montage technique is used to show her getting better and her mental well being improve since Lisa has left. it sums up everything she once did wrong but is now doing well for example at the start Lisa influences her to not swallow her pills but during the montage we see her swallow the pills go to bed when is needed showing her vast improvement however when Lisa returns the montage ends abruptly stumping her mental well being.

The colour palette from this film is something which I want to influence my film. In the hospital the colour palette draws all colour out from the patients skin leaving the rooms bare and stark no bright colour is ever introduced into the scene in the hospital. By doing this it sets the scene but also speaks on an emotional area of how Susanne is feeling; the hospital is not a colourful place.

“Girl, interrupted ” even the title was thought out to have meaning, with the punctuation symbolising its message. Every character’s mise-en-scene said something discreet about the character, hidden within their hair or clothing.

Dialogue so beautiful, I couldn’t help but pause the film to stop and think about the quote

“you hurt yourself on the outside,

to try and kill the thing on the inside”

Parts of the film make you question your own state of mind with her thinking she was normal and as the viewer you believe it, you ask yourself why is she in there? She looks just like everybody else? A message I believe the director and writer were trying to get across.

I personally don’t think I have ever watched a film so enchanting.

Thank you James Mangold, I don’t think I will ever forget this film.


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