Titles// Where to place them

As part of our research we need to look at different titling conventions and where titles have been placed within an opening sequence, in my previous post I did an analysis of a film called “se7en” to which I want to borrow parts of its titling conventions, not the style but the layout of where the titles are placed along a timeline.


As the opening sequence is title heavy it made sense to take a look at where they would fit and start to plan within our own shots where it would arrive  and the composition of how it would fit in. If you look at most title sequence the shots are orchestrated so that the title can be easily placed in and not obstruct the view ( unless it is done for effect) however before I got to this section I was not thinking about where my titles would be placed but by doing this exercise I now have a clear idea of what shots need what titles and where it is going to go.


The reason I chose to “se7en” as the films title sequence title I want to be inspired from is because it is not in the typical order of the director first and then the editor, I wanted my title sequence to be orchestrated differently to show the viewer that my film is not ‘bog standard’ that the film will leave you feeling confused and frustrated as too why things don’t pan out perfectly.


For the purpose of this I have also added in the link to “se7en” to show where my ideas have originated from.


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