filming research// practice

This weekend I decided I wanted to start the process of getting the opening scene filmed. It sound easy enough? yeah it wasn’t by a long shot, but I had no choice but to make changes where necessary to fit what is actually possible.

One of the first things we did was to go shopping (on black Friday!) and pick up some props to create effective mise- en-scene. However I made a crucial mistake in not buying strong enough wire to hold the books up so they could float in made air. As I couldn’t go back out and buy some more, I had to come up with a different way of doing this, so eventually we settled on having the books just resting on the side and later on edit it to make the books disappear.

My original idea was for the film to be about a girl who when she stops breathing magical unexplainable things start to occur, however it was now change to when the girl stops breathing she goes into the story book but the longer she stays the book in the real world begins to deteriorate.

Another problem we encountered was the fact that the minute your head goes under water, water gushes right up your nose making you breathe the water in, so we have a few failed shots of Eleanor spluttering but eventually we found a way around this and got some pretty effective shots.

Overall I think the filming did go well, with a few hiccups and a completely new idea, I got there and all that’s left to do is begin editing.

Also here are a few photos of where we filming and a few scene snapshots…



3 thoughts on “filming research// practice

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    • Research into similar products and a potential target audience;
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    • Time management;

    In order to raise your grade, you should include more posts reflecting on other media texts that you have consumed on a weekly basis.

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