Graphic Match// inspiration

A graphic match is where the shape or outline of an object is perfectly in line with the next shot. Although this is hard to do it is possible but needs detailed planning to get the right composition.

a particular graphic match that intrigued me was from the film “pyscho” where the women starts having a shower whilst also being brutally killed, anyway at the end of the scene we see the plug hole with water spiralling down creating a circle outline, which fades to an extreme close up of the women’s eye staring straight into the camera with no movement. the great thing about graphic matches are that they show an easy transition between one scene and another but also can be used for meaning and symbolism.

An example of when a film has used graphic matches for meaning and symbolism is on “girl, Interrupted” I did slightly talk about this but I wanted to go into more depth about why they had perhaps chosen this specific editing technique, the graphic match in the film that I think is the most interesting is when the nurse does her nightly checks but instead of the nurse coming in we have the mother enter the scene and the surrounding change to Susanne’s bedroom with the door frame staying in the same position.  Although this was mostly likely done for confusion there could be other possible meanings behind it for example the way the hospital was beginning to effect the young girls brain that certain shapes or objects would bring back a past memory other editing techniques could of been used to show this but the graphic match means that as a viewer we don’t clock onto what is happening and what surroundings have changed in the exact same way Susanne would see; as the graphic match is from a P.O.V shot.

In my film opening I would also like to include a graphic match, although I’m not sure where to place the graphic match or what it would be of I have a few ideas… for starters I would quite like to do a similar thing to “pyscho” with the plug hole and the eye as some of the key shots in the film would be of Eleanor drowning in the bath which makes sense as to why there would be a plug hole cross fading into an eye but also this could be a good idea as it shows the link between different people that all of the characters are linked through there mental health.

Another possible idea for a graphic match could be the outline of the characters face, where one face shape transitions into another face, although this would not be a perfect graphic match it could still work as an editing technique or to show a link between the two people.

To further develop on what I want to be looking at I decided I would create a short video with the iris from eyes as a graphic match so I could give a visual representation of what I am thinking


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