Narration// speech

The plan is for Brittany and I to separate the screenplay writing in half so she writes the dialogue and I write the description, not for any particular reason but just to make it fair and even for the both of us; however me being me wanted to write a tiny bit of the dialogue for the part I played which is Anorexia nervosa.

the day we did this on I lacked in inspiration so I set out to go find some beautiful speeches or poems to try and place a few different ideas into my head. one of the first poems I found was this…


the start of the poem to me really sums up anorexia “empty stomach, busy mind” during my research I found out that most people describe anorexia as a person or a voice someone or something speaking dark thoughts into there ears. but this line strips it back and states anorexia very clearly. The other line that is captivating to me is “tiny bites to hide her wrongs” again during the research phase people who have suffered or are suffering with anorexia believe that eating is incorrect and wrong but from another perspective the family or friends see her not eating as wrong so perhaps its suggest that by eating small amounts she is doing herself wrong but as also hiding it to the people surrounding her.

The next poem that I found that inspired me to write the dialogue was on Tumblr (typical I know)


The disjointed poem at first glance is confusing and seems very misplaced until you read it backwards and you realise the true meaning of the poem. although I like that the poem goes backwards I feel the first read of the poem is slightly ruined but nevertheless still a brilliant poem. The reason I found this poem gave me inspiration was that in the first read there was no hope and just a downwards spiral however it tells me that the spiral can be reversed and that hope can be found in the same place you lost it. a beautiful poem.

And the third and final poem that inspired me was…


this poem is actually my favourite out of all three, just because it brings in some many different features and elements. for example the fairy-tale of snow white, that starving yourself is beautiful and self harm gives a reason of existence, all of them are such challenging subjects that I feel this poem addresses (well the fairy-tale one isn’t that challenging but could be as were brought up with the ideas placed firmly in our heads of what beauty looks like ). there we have it the poems that inspired me to write my own poem.

Bones of a wing

She use to cut her soul

Just by looking in the mirror

All she saw was herself

Who she was

And not what she wanted to be

She thought her collar bones were the harness to her wings

And that wings were a beautiful fairy-tale that grew from her shoulder blades on her back

maybe the wings would carry her away

Not up, she was never going up

She only wanted to go down

She was told she was beautiful, classy and defined

She felt her soul was a mess

And it was for this moment in time

But as I said she use to cut her soul

And now she only tears her skin apart

to give you an idea about the pace and the volumes within the poem I have done a spoken poetry experiment, kind of crap but oh well

also we will have to shorten the poem to fit it all within 2 minutes, its gonna be a challenge.


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