Lovelace// notable media

right so I know its a film about pornography (brilliant sentence starter), but really the film Lovelace is about the abuse and the trafficking that this girl has suffered. The film is about a young girl who’s stage name is Linda Lovelace where she goes through a series of horrible events all forced onto her by her husband someone who is suppose to look out for you. The film is based around a true story from the women Linda Susan Boreman who spoke out about her abuse for 20 years to try and break the box everyone put her in, one of the ways she did this was by her book “Ordeal” which we see the actress place 123456ty7890herself though a lie detector test just to prove that she is speaking the truth to her own publishers.

This film is made very beautifully and in an artistic soulful way, with in my opinion framing and shots perfectly thought about. one of my favourite shots from this film is near the end where the husband ‘Chuck’ is laid stretched out across the bed taking up all of the foreground and dominating the shot dragging all the attention onto himself, with Linda laid in the background looking very shifty towards him, now this speaks volumes about the film because really all the attention was on Linda 11123but Chuck wanted to take all the credit and name his possessions as his doing, he really wants to dominate everything he does however Linda is who we are dragged towards who our eyes follow and keep all our attention on, which I think is crafted so well that you don’t even notice yourself doing it.

The genre of the film is very confusing at the start I would describe the film as indie or perhaps a romantic film which then turns into this psychological thriller of abuse completely switching all of its conventions from pathetic fallacies, s1112.jpglow shots and dream sequences, to quick cuts cross fades and torture. I haven’t watched to many films where the genre switches around but to be honest I quite like that it does this, it shows us two perspective what we perceive is happening behind closed doors and what really happens between two people.

the film is set in the 70’s which means it takes quite a few of its typical conventions to place us into that specific era, for example the titling classic curly white lettering in a funky font, again suggest a indie or old film, another convention taken is when we are shown home clips for example of the couple on the beach the sides are vignette to make us see what they see and really sell to the audience that this was most definitely filmed in the 1970’s.

One of the things 121.pngI love the most about this film is Linda mise-en-scene, although this is a film about pornography, Linda’s clothing have never suggested or shown anything like the sort ( apart from when she was a teenager) when she goes to her movie premiere she is covered shoulders to ankles in along white dress trying to cover her modesty playing an innocent role however the bright white spotlight comes along to show everything that’s beneath to me this suggests at the start how this was not her doing the spotlight is chuck, he is revealing what he wants and Linda well Linda doesn’t seem to have say…


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