The final dialogue

– Clinical Depression

Through a blurry fog, in the midnight’s mist,
I can still feel the fear in her eyes.
Her mind is a cold engine,
Suffocated with empty promises.
Once only cracks, are now shattered dreams,
That she dances on barefoot just to bleed.
She hurts to feel alive,
But the memory’s already perished.

– Schizophrenia

They’ve carved nightmares in her eyelids,
She spoke a short, short whisper,
Of how she wants your eyes to crack,
And your skin to bleed.
A cry of melancholic despair
But, how dare she skip,
A single “hallelujah”,
To tell you how she got those scars ?

– Anorexia Nervosa

She used to cut her soul, just by looking in the mirror,
She thought her collar bones were the harness to her wings,
And that wings were a beautiful fairy – tale,
That grew from her shoulder blades on her back,
Maybe the wings would carry her away,
Not up, she only wanted to go down.
But as I said she use to cut her soul
And now she only tears her skin apart.

-Dissociative Identity Disorder

Who Am I?
She used her darkness to hide,
Her tears from prying eyes as she wonders,
Who will I be today?
This isn’t someone worried about what to wear,
This is someone scared for their life.
Scared of being swallowed in her darkness.
Lost in a sea of people in her own body,
That aren’t her.
Who will I be today?
And what if it’s not me?


This piece was written by the extremely talented Brittany in Wonderlxnd, with the exception of Anorexia Nervosa which was written by me. We choose to do it this way to separate the work half/half as I was writing the screenplay Brittany was writing the poetry.

We decided to go with our own poetry rather than steal someone elses, by doing this we feel we have a deeper connection to the film opening and emotions placed with in it, it means we have a control over the way we want our audience to feel and the way they perceive the opening.

Brittany and I wanted to make everything ourselves and have all the rights to our film opening (greedy af)



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