Black swan // Notable media 

The black swan is representative of the good and evil through mental illness. She starts of representing light and hope eventually turning to a darker hidden side of herself. Through out the film we see that she has previously suffered through being a ballerina and the mental toll it has taken on her.

As a ballerina certain standards are in place  due to the aesthetic placed onto ballerinas, therefore women or men who are not up to this aesthetic standard go to extreme lengths to try and reach it.

In context to our film we have tried to include the fight against the social aesthetic and the physical toll it can take on the human being. The black swan has serverly influenced our film through the mise-en-scene, the changes she endures from light to dark however we are slightly challenging this convention from the black swan as we are only going to show the dark side of mental health rather than the transition, we want to start from the off of our opening sequence the mental state of our characters rather than showing the change.

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The black swan is very focused on body image, the same way as the character Anorexia is, in The Black Swan she physically can pull the feathers of her back signify her mental health taking control, even through this is not the same in Invisible illnesses for Anorexia the same idea apply’s, the wings show the great strength that the illness has over her and the physical attachment she feels.

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