Filming for Invisible illnesses

You already know about how we want the lighting to go and how we would like the composition to reflect emotion, but at the point it was all hypothetical so how did it really turn out?

So it turns out we may only have 4 characters in the film as opposed to 6 characters, due to the change in the story line, we also felt that having 6 main characters could be confusing or perhaps over whelming when watching the film. We are now down to 4 characters Me and Brittany and then Mark and finally the other Brittany (okay, its still confusing but its better than what it was before)

just so I don’t bore you I’m going to show the best bits within our filming at the mill and with the smoke bombs, your just going to have excuse the fact that our filming is *cough* illegal *cough.

So thank you to Britt for editing this video to show our best bits , oh and we love Lana Del Ray so its fitting music to go behind it


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