I know that technically  your not meant to make a poster but I’m ignoring that and I made one anyway.

Wasn’t expecting that were we. (jokes)Invisible illnesses.jpg

We basically wanted to capture what the film was going to be about, we took inspiration from other film posters and what styles and compositions they had on there posters to try and make it industry standard. the preparation for this was pretty quick in all honesty it took about an hour or just over to make this.

Also we have a new tagline, “Swallowed in the Darkness” a line from one of the poems in the opening sequence, we felt that this line summed up our film pretty well due to the overwhelming power a mental illness can have.

Originally we were going to make a set of posters one for each character but we then later thought that having one strong poster was better than having 4 weak posters.

I’m sure you will of noticed the title is in lower case when typically all films start with an upper case, by doing this it takes away the importance and dehumanises the characters and hits towards that the characters are not real people and therefore do not deserve an upper case letter.

To create this image we added more blue tones into the piece to try and symbolise death and make my already pale skin more pale so I look sort of dead. the composition of the piece is meant to resemble the uncertainty within the film that everything that is normally forwards is actually backwards and nothing is really as it seems.

I hope you like it!




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