false opening?

yeah, we are restarting and scratching everything we’ve done…

Nah I tricked you, I know I had you falling for it. Anyway we decided that a false opening could give our film opening a brilliant plot twist.( I’m going to pretend that you don’t know what a false opening is) A false opening is where we, well its where, erm…

Okay I have no idea how to describe it so you are just going to have to role with me, basically its where you believe you are viewing the real film opening until the camera pans out to show what’s really happening (its not that but I have no idea how to describe it ).


So, for our false film opening we are going to have a sequence of shots with poetry over like previous however at the end on the last shot would turn into a photograph, the camera would then pan out to reveal a wall covered with missing person files and research into mental health, drawings of the mental health the two girls ‘Anorexia’ and ‘Schizophrenia’ have. Since the plot of the film is about a 16 year old girl who takes on the personality’s of other people disorders, it makes sense that she has to get these people from somewhere, she believes that she is the missing people in the photographs however the person she is fixated on is ‘Mark’ a man who went missing, this personality she has adopted becomes the dominant personality, and the other two personalitys ‘Anorexia’ and ‘Schizophrenia’  become elements within Brittany the 16 year old however ‘Mark’ perceives these people as children he has kidnapped and is keeping trapped due to him wanting to be the only personality.

Right I get that makes no sense but honestly what psychological thriller does?

oh I shall also add in a few little examples of what a false opening looks like so you get the understand better than my description ( describing was never my strong suit)

also I shall include a picture of what the wall will look like…


2 thoughts on “false opening?

  1. Brilliant looking blog Tamsin. You’re working beyond the criteria. Keep up the excellent work to secure yourself in the top band. I’d like to see a shooting schedule to outline your clear time management however. This is where your currently at.

    •Planning and research; Excellent.
    •Research into similar products and a potential target audience; Excellent.
    •Organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props; Excellent.
    •Work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding; Excellent.
    •Care in the presentation of the research and planning; Excellent.
    •Time management; Proficient.


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