Character Inspiration// update

there are 4 main characters in our  film opening, Schizophrenia, Anorexia, D.I.D and Mark, originally all these characters had names but we wanted to dehumanise the characters as they don’t exist in reality only through someone’s mind we decided to name them on what the illness is with the exception of Mark as he is the ‘Normal’ character.

all the characters in our production where black not only to unify them together but as symbolic statement of death and decay, although there is not a character from a movie that specifically inspired this we took inspiration from funeral wear, that black was seen as a time of grief or sadness, which all these characters represent.

ae43085e0b001c34db16499324a0f97dalthough we did take inspiration from the black swan with the symbolic change of her white dress to her black dress, from light to dark. however our film opening skips the first part as we didn’t want to inflict the change from the black swan onto our characters.












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