Techniques used within

From my earlier posts you can see that I have looked at freeze framing, and floating and th way to do this although these did not come into play in the film opening it has helped me to understand how after effects work with key framing and green screening.

with the green screen we have added this technique in to the Anorexia section with the wings.untitled-1

To add in the wings we had an animation in front of the green screen, by using key light we managed to take out the green, then to make the wings from white to black we took our the saturation, lowered the opacity. As the shot moves the wings have to move to the gliders movement we first tried to use motion track, however this would not work due to there being no place on my back to pin in it, this meant we had to key frame it frame by frame fitting it onto the back at the shoulder blades. which in effect have created a very stunning shot and emotive symbolism.

Another technique we have incorporated into this film opening is the colour palette which in previous posts I have talked about the lighting and how different colour palettes can inflict different emotions.


One of the most prominent colour palette changes are in the Schizophrenia section, to create this we upped the blues, took away the greens.

The shot originally looked like this


I’m sure you can notice the drastic change in the mood each shot represents the original photograph is bland with correct location but no depth to the shot, whereas by adding in a different colour palette the blue is reprehensive of sadness and feeling uncontrollable, the shot is darker again representing her mood, of mental health being thought about as a dark place.

tbh the difference is crazy…


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