Investigation wall // Our Final Shot


This is our final shot of the wall that pans out from false opening, it moves out from Marks face ( can we just take a minute to appreciate that the character is called Mark so we can call our teacher by his first name, genius I know) but surround the character are drawings from mental health patients, missing people and two photographs of me and Brittany. This idea comes from a film called ‘A beautiful mind’ which is about the journey a man takes with his schizophrenia and the denial he goes through in facing his mental illnesses, during the film we see a wall of news paper cuttings and clippings all from the FBI with documents that he believes he has been sent or has been asked to review, we have done a wall inspired by this to show the journey of Marks mental health and the connections he has made with people he does not know.

in this wall we have drawings of Anorexia and Schizophrenia, to try and symbolise the journey of the other two characters, however the composition of the shot once again pulls all focus onto Mark showing his dominance as a character.


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