Colour palette //Update 


Colour palette – blue hues and a darker tint

Reason – in research at the bigger we found that blues reflected a clinical mood due to the section clinical depression we thought it was crucial to have this tone added into our final film.

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Colour palette – variations of light to dark and black white to colour

Reason – due to research before hand we looked at the black swan and we found that through a tranisituon of light to dark in a very methodical way as we not portraying the illnesses by her in the black swan we have tried to follow this convention but have challenged it by switching between light to dark within the smoke shots ( some smoke shots are darker blue whereas some are a paler blue) to show the confusion felt within schizophrenia.

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Anorexia Nervosa

Colour palette – black and white

Reason – due to the illness being mainly focused on how others view her and how she view herself we thought black and white would represent this due to the magazine showing flawless images of women in black and white for example in vogue. We also choose black and white due to the dark clashing with light we wanted to show this as the way society views Anorexia as being a 2 dimensional illnesses when in reality when looking behind the ‘invisible illness’ it has many layers and everything is not as black and white as she makes it out to be.


Dissociate identity disorder

Colour palette – all colour palettes shown throughout the opening are included within D.I.D

Reason – as this represents D.I.D to show that all the illnesses are inside of her and all those moods are reflected by D.I.D.



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