portraying mental health

I feel like through the process of the film making, the seriousness of the subject matter got lost within although it’s the main focus in our film opening.

I don’t quite think we have explained enough to make sense of what our psychological thriller is actually trying to get at, our film has made stylish shots and careful composition but where does mental health actually fit into this.

Mental health has always been thought of as a personal individual state, something that should be kept private and behind closed doors, something that the individual should be ashamed for, something that individual brought upon themselves. Our film is meant to showcase the understanding of Mental health that mental health can not be placed in a category or a place it does not come neatly wrapped in a box with a name tag specifying who it is for, Mental health is something we all have whether it’s a positive or negative.

I previously talked about in ‘locations’ about the man-made structures society has tried to place onto the mentally unwell, how we should all be an aesthetic of lines and symmetry, with nothing out-of-place, an array of perfection. Our film fights against this idea holding symbolism to tear down this ideals.

Humanity is not an aesthetic.



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