For our film opening we have a variety of shots in many different landscapes, such as the “Lightening Tree” and the “Ovenden Mill” with inside shots as well fore example the dark room, and the living room.

The composition of the locations were all looked at very specifically to see what element it could add to our films and what it could symbolise.


Ovenden Mill

Ovenden Mill has been desolated for many years, wearing away to dusty concrete and tainted paint, however within all this destruction is lines of beauty and symmetry, with clear focal points through out the room, within this mill there were many room similar to this but none had the strong pillars leading down towards the outside, pulling your focus away from the building but onto nature, adding to our imagery that mental health is not something man made but is something created within nature, something out of our control


Once we had found this location, we needed to make sure when adding our actress in, she made a statement and did not become overpowered by the vast size of the mill, therefore we placed the actress in the centre straight in front of the window, becoming a physical block against the reach of nature, due to the actresses mental health of ‘Depression’ we found that adding in the psychical block would stress to the viewer that she is trapped within societies idea that mental health is structured and cold, when all our actress ‘Depression’ feels is a connection to nature that this is something without structure and stability, she feels the uncertainty that nature holds within herself, but the confusion as to whether she should follow society’s rules.img_0456However, the shot type changes from a long shot, to a close up within the same setting. By switching from a long shot to a close up, we no longer see the actress as part of the building or an object we begin to recognise her, as a human being not just a statistic within a list of mental illnesses, most of our shots focus on a human level and if they are far enough away to not read their expressions, it is because their expressions are not visible to the human eye, in the same way their invisible illness is not.


The Lightening Tree

The lightening tree, or that is what is nick named is very symbolic to our film, although it just looks like a dead tree in the middle of a field, the composition and the symbolism of the tree. The tree is dead but white ,symbolising its purity, there is purity and cleanliness in death, but also the tree is still standing after multiple attacks, the stability of the tree and its proud statue contrasts with the girl immersed in smoke, smoke has no stability it can disappear at a whim and is uncontrollable, the smoke is in the shot to represent ‘Schizophrenia’. Nature and man-made mixed, uncontrollable stability.



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