Evaluation – Question 5

For Question 5 we started to get extremely bored… so we decided to make a mock of question 5 taking inspiration from ‘Scream Queens’. However we have also made a serious question 5 on Moovly using our bitmojis to fully answer the question.

we had a lot of fun doing this!


*Me and Brittany sat down and wrote this together* 


5.How did you attract/address your audience?






Our production plays to a niche audience, therefore it will only attract certain minded people that are interested in the subject matter, however it could be opened up to a large target audience by the mental health aspect due to this being a big controversial topic and taboo subject.




The subject matter we have chosen and focused the majority of the film opening on is mental health, more specifically Anorexia, Schizophrenia and D.I.D, most films about mental health focus on depression and suicide however we wanted to discuss mental health issues often disregard or too complicated to produce and show to an audience, however this would still interest the demographic of a psychological thriller due to the plot line. It has also been recently recognised to show success with people tackling harsher subjects than the typically seen for example, in new and upcoming music artist, Melanie Martinez, becoming a sensation overnight with her album “Crybaby” which challenges conventions of typical Pop music by discussing harsher issues seen in society rather than the typical aspects.




I would describe the style used within Invisible Illnesses as Indie. Which is beautifully crafted within its composition and camera angles, we have used many different techniques to bring our film to the industry standard again attracting the audience due to having different elements from other genres not just psychological thriller, therefore creating out own conventions within this genre to challenge made conventions and bring something of our own to the theme.




In our target audience research I found out that many people would expect to see a classical piece with the second most popular being pop, so we combined the two by using a piano (classical instrument) and a pop song (what about angels) to appeal to the audience, which we recorded ourselves acting on the copyright ban of the brief.




During my survey the age differed from 16 to 50+ giving me a wide range of answers of what to use in my opening sequence one of the answers I found from my research was that there should be a range of editing between slow and fast, but should have an interesting plot twist, to attract the audience to the storyline and give them a “wow” moment to fully engage them




Relatable characters- In this generation a lot of teenagers and other aged people are experiencing more mental illnesses and are becoming more recognized within society as an issue to be addressed. The reason for a wider range in the amount of mental illness is seen by the development of standards and expectations within modern day society, and is expecting a lot more of younger people to do well and have more knowledge to get a decent job and lead a moderate lifestyle. Therefore we are attracting an audience of younger people struggling to make it in the world leading to serious mental health problems from pressure. On the other hand we have the 50+ audience which we found are also interested in this genre and therefore have incorporated this age of character within our film to also associate with this age group. 


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