Evaluation – Question 6

*Me and Brittany sat down and wrote this together*


From making this opening sequence, we’ve learnt so much about different technologies. In terms of presenting our work we used the blogging sight of WordPress to display our work as we have been developing it. With WordPress you are able to make your own website, upload pictures in formats of : thumbnails, slideshows, columns etc.… As well as being able to upload GIFs and allow your blog to look super funky Also within WordPress we were able to upload videos by linking them within your post. It made it really easy to have all of your information in one place and easy to view.




Research – During the research stage we created a questionnaire using survey monkey. This was a free website which allows you to post questions and choose a format to answer them in such as multiple choice, yes or no, and comment boxes. The software allows you to easily collect responses from a large variety of people on the internet by sampling posting your published survey on social media and email. When your survey is finished and you have the right amount of results, the software helps you easily analyse the data in percentages and customisable graphs to display information and make it incredibly easy to understand and help analyse the collected data.




Software – Due to the copyrighted music ban, we took to the internet to find free sound download websites. These websites where absolutely covered in sounds, everything you could ever want was on these websites, however we decided to make this sequence our own, it was best to record our own sounds so that we could have the exactly how we wanted them. Also, Adobe premiere pro was a large part of our editing part. We used this software to piece together our clips in the best order possible. With this software we learnt how to track motion and how to align text and shapes to fit with video which is something we used in our credits of the opening sequence. With after effects, we used a lot of colour correction, as well as using key framing to allow the combination of two or more videos to create cloning within the abandoned mill as well as the floating chair as well as the ken burns effect, to add emphasis to and movement to still videos. We also used Photoshop to edit and produce a poster based on the film cover of the autopsy of Jane Doe.




Hardware – In the production of this media product, we have used a large variety of equipment such as: tripods, HD cameras, cranes, gliders, boom mic, WAV recorder, Dolly wheels. We used all of this equipment we have allowed a wide range of shots to create interest and build character within the shot types. With the camera, we used a Cannon 700D to create the highest definition of footage we could. This allows our film as a high production quality and gives the footage a nicer feel from higher quality. Tripods are the equipment we used to create basic shot types, such as the portrait shots in the dark room using simple medium close up shot with specific chosen lighting, along with the mill shots, to create the cloning footage we needed the camera to remain in the exact same place the create this effect and therefore used the tripod to keep the shot still. Adding with the tripod, we used the dolly wheels to create the final shot. This was a very hard footage to obtain, we managed to find a smooth floor and create a smooth transition focusing the camera manually as we pushed the dolly back to reveal the wall. We also used a glider to create a feel of floating for the audience around the shot in the anorexia section, since the character has wings edited onto the top of the footage, it allows the audience to empathise with her and also reveal the mess on the floor whilst the audience feels they cannot get close to the character. For the smoke bombs shot we used a crane to allow us to capture the large amount of smoke and also have the shots coming down onto the characters smoothly and capture the most amount of the smoke within the scene. Along with camera equipment we used the WAV recorder and boom mic to create the smoothest sound to cover our footage. We used the boom mic to record the screen in the mill with a nice echo, and the sound of the piano playing to however the mic over the piano playing. However for the narrative we only used the WAV recorder to pick up sound rather than the boom mic, as this wasn’t needed as we were able to record the sound in a dead room.



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