First draft film opening //invisible illnesses

This gif is extremely fitting I have been tortured for 6 months so now its your turn to sit through hours of planning…

this is what we ended up with, I hope you can see all the ideas and planning which have lead up to this moment. it feels so strange to have actually finished the final product, it feels like a baby, no but honestly it does, its taken absolutely *insert chosen swear word* ages to get here.

in the words of Brittany “we can sleep again”

like legit I am fed up of waking up in the middle of the night with a new *insert chosen swear word* idea.

we have had many, I mean many mess ups, including me deleting the start of it because I for some *insert chosen swear word*  reason decided it would be better without all the illnesses, the*insert chosen swear word*  was I thinking. Then the export took about 7 million *insert chosen swear word*  times to get it right I had to keep coming up with inventive new names for each export.

*insert chosen swear word*



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