First of Welcome!

This is my blog for AS level media and the journey it has taken and the routes and avenues i have explored and developed. Although my blog is a complex maze of ideas spring from random films i seem to watch, i hope it all makes sense and you can see where my ideas are coming from and how they have changed and developed into the finished product.

It has been a long 6 months, and I mean long, but that means that there is 6 months of work and marking to be done… so i hope you enjoy looking through my blog and the crazy way my mind seems to be functioning.

Just a little tip of you want to see the way I have organised my ideas then please use the menus above but if you want to see the blog updates and posts then just click on “Tamsin Rachel Media” at the top of the page and it will take you there.

so Welcome and Good luck because its going to take you about 1 hr and 30 minutes to watch the evaluation, treatment and the opening sequence not including the random videos added in as I have gone along.

oh and here is a little video to show you the type of things i have done on my blog.