Colour palette //Update 


Colour palette – blue hues and a darker tint

Reason – in research at the bigger we found that blues reflected a clinical mood due to the section clinical depression we thought it was crucial to have this tone added into our final film.

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Colour palette – variations of light to dark and black white to colour

Reason – due to research before hand we looked at the black swan and we found that through a tranisituon of light to dark in a very methodical way as we not portraying the illnesses by her in the black swan we have tried to follow this convention but have challenged it by switching between light to dark within the smoke shots ( some smoke shots are darker blue whereas some are a paler blue) to show the confusion felt within schizophrenia.

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Anorexia Nervosa

Colour palette – black and white

Reason – due to the illness being mainly focused on how others view her and how she view herself we thought black and white would represent this due to the magazine showing flawless images of women in black and white for example in vogue. We also choose black and white due to the dark clashing with light we wanted to show this as the way society views Anorexia as being a 2 dimensional illnesses when in reality when looking behind the ‘invisible illness’ it has many layers and everything is not as black and white as she makes it out to be.


Dissociate identity disorder

Colour palette – all colour palettes shown throughout the opening are included within D.I.D

Reason – as this represents D.I.D to show that all the illnesses are inside of her and all those moods are reflected by D.I.D.



Investigation wall // Our Final Shot


This is our final shot of the wall that pans out from false opening, it moves out from Marks face ( can we just take a minute to appreciate that the character is called Mark so we can call our teacher by his first name, genius I know) but surround the character are drawings from mental health patients, missing people and two photographs of me and Brittany. This idea comes from a film called ‘A beautiful mind’ which is about the journey a man takes with his schizophrenia and the denial he goes through in facing his mental illnesses, during the film we see a wall of news paper cuttings and clippings all from the FBI with documents that he believes he has been sent or has been asked to review, we have done a wall inspired by this to show the journey of Marks mental health and the connections he has made with people he does not know.

in this wall we have drawings of Anorexia and Schizophrenia, to try and symbolise the journey of the other two characters, however the composition of the shot once again pulls all focus onto Mark showing his dominance as a character.

Techniques used within

From my earlier posts you can see that I have looked at freeze framing, and floating and th way to do this although these did not come into play in the film opening it has helped me to understand how after effects work with key framing and green screening.

with the green screen we have added this technique in to the Anorexia section with the wings.untitled-1

To add in the wings we had an animation in front of the green screen, by using key light we managed to take out the green, then to make the wings from white to black we took our the saturation, lowered the opacity. As the shot moves the wings have to move to the gliders movement we first tried to use motion track, however this would not work due to there being no place on my back to pin in it, this meant we had to key frame it frame by frame fitting it onto the back at the shoulder blades. which in effect have created a very stunning shot and emotive symbolism.

Another technique we have incorporated into this film opening is the colour palette which in previous posts I have talked about the lighting and how different colour palettes can inflict different emotions.


One of the most prominent colour palette changes are in the Schizophrenia section, to create this we upped the blues, took away the greens.

The shot originally looked like this


I’m sure you can notice the drastic change in the mood each shot represents the original photograph is bland with correct location but no depth to the shot, whereas by adding in a different colour palette the blue is reprehensive of sadness and feeling uncontrollable, the shot is darker again representing her mood, of mental health being thought about as a dark place.

tbh the difference is crazy…


I know that technically  your not meant to make a poster but I’m ignoring that and I made one anyway.

Wasn’t expecting that were we. (jokes)Invisible illnesses.jpg

We basically wanted to capture what the film was going to be about, we took inspiration from other film posters and what styles and compositions they had on there posters to try and make it industry standard. the preparation for this was pretty quick in all honesty it took about an hour or just over to make this.

Also we have a new tagline, “Swallowed in the Darkness” a line from one of the poems in the opening sequence, we felt that this line summed up our film pretty well due to the overwhelming power a mental illness can have.

Originally we were going to make a set of posters one for each character but we then later thought that having one strong poster was better than having 4 weak posters.

I’m sure you will of noticed the title is in lower case when typically all films start with an upper case, by doing this it takes away the importance and dehumanises the characters and hits towards that the characters are not real people and therefore do not deserve an upper case letter.

To create this image we added more blue tones into the piece to try and symbolise death and make my already pale skin more pale so I look sort of dead. the composition of the piece is meant to resemble the uncertainty within the film that everything that is normally forwards is actually backwards and nothing is really as it seems.

I hope you like it!



Black swan // Notable media 

The black swan is representative of the good and evil through mental illness. She starts of representing light and hope eventually turning to a darker hidden side of herself. Through out the film we see that she has previously suffered through being a ballerina and the mental toll it has taken on her.

As a ballerina certain standards are in place  due to the aesthetic placed onto ballerinas, therefore women or men who are not up to this aesthetic standard go to extreme lengths to try and reach it.

In context to our film we have tried to include the fight against the social aesthetic and the physical toll it can take on the human being. The black swan has serverly influenced our film through the mise-en-scene, the changes she endures from light to dark however we are slightly challenging this convention from the black swan as we are only going to show the dark side of mental health rather than the transition, we want to start from the off of our opening sequence the mental state of our characters rather than showing the change.

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The black swan is very focused on body image, the same way as the character Anorexia is, in The Black Swan she physically can pull the feathers of her back signify her mental health taking control, even through this is not the same in Invisible illnesses for Anorexia the same idea apply’s, the wings show the great strength that the illness has over her and the physical attachment she feels.

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American Beauty// Notable media

American beauty is a 5 star rated film on Netflix, which is the reason I watched it. The film discusses like many of the films I seem to watch mature content and taboo subjects. the film carries across many messages such as perhaps being ordinary isn’t such a bad thing. it also dazzles you with its compositions and edits, and beautiful dialogue. ( sounds like a good film I know)

Okay, so the first thing I want to talk about is the opening scene, opening scenes follow the conventions of introducing the characters and the settings or environment in which the character lives. American Beauty is no acceptation to the convention, we see the city, the street and the house in which he lives in, an ordinary suburb ( as they say in America), he gets up to typical tasks that a sad and lonely man would do that is married, the opening scene really has nothing that stands out it all blends into the background and all feels like the same thing you’ve watched over and over again but perhaps that’s what the director or writer wants you to thing that this film is ordinary, plain and boring.

The first real sign we see that these are talented film makers is in the scene where the main character is being told he may be up for firing, the composition of him sat directly in the middle gives him power but the room behind is blank and boring, which he blends into very easily. The reverse shot is of his boss or superior, his scene is the opposite to the main character, the boss is cluttered and full of objects almost to the point of clutter, but it brings about the question of how different these two lives are, and the comparison between a blank empty life to a cluttered high life.

Another thing that is different to most films is the narration, the narrator tells us the end of the film that he is going to be dead in one year, now the ending and the summary is what we usually watch a film to find out about, however we are already told how the film ends which if you watch the film you find out that the end is not the most important part its the middle that holds the most significance. A clever trick that really pulls you into the film and makes you want to find out more.

Another aspect I wanted to look at was the gender stereotypes within camera composition. A wide shot within capturing a man and wife sat with their daughter at the dinner table. Sounds fairly normally, however we saw the dominating stance the husband takes over his wife and husband completely degrading them and talking down, althought the composition is split equally into three he dominates each shot and moves into each sector of the of the wife and the daughter.

some brief notes…

  • blank room when he is being told he is being fired with the boss sat in a desk of things
  • the compositions of the married women when her family gets up to leave
  • that we already know the ending of the film but its not the ending that’s important but the stuff that goes in between
  • that janes boyfriend believes there is so much beauty in inanimate objects being transformed by natural occourances
  • reaction shots, shot through a camera
  • narrative at the begginng and end a circle
  • a match between the two couples
  • that fantasy is not reality
  • there is nothing more important than not being ordinary is the message but perhaps being ordinary is the most important thing
  • you cannot count on any one but yourself
  • the opening sequences portrays a lonely older man stuck in a mid life crisis builds up the character
  • that gender was no object to your level of hapness but was when it came to who held the power within relationships
  • the human body framed within a window
  • it talked about every stereotype going
  • last line ” but all I felt was gratitude you proably don’t understand what I’m talking about but the good thing is you will someday” romanticising death

Lovelace// notable media

right so I know its a film about pornography (brilliant sentence starter), but really the film Lovelace is about the abuse and the trafficking that this girl has suffered. The film is about a young girl who’s stage name is Linda Lovelace where she goes through a series of horrible events all forced onto her by her husband someone who is suppose to look out for you. The film is based around a true story from the women Linda Susan Boreman who spoke out about her abuse for 20 years to try and break the box everyone put her in, one of the ways she did this was by her book “Ordeal” which we see the actress place 123456ty7890herself though a lie detector test just to prove that she is speaking the truth to her own publishers.

This film is made very beautifully and in an artistic soulful way, with in my opinion framing and shots perfectly thought about. one of my favourite shots from this film is near the end where the husband ‘Chuck’ is laid stretched out across the bed taking up all of the foreground and dominating the shot dragging all the attention onto himself, with Linda laid in the background looking very shifty towards him, now this speaks volumes about the film because really all the attention was on Linda 11123but Chuck wanted to take all the credit and name his possessions as his doing, he really wants to dominate everything he does however Linda is who we are dragged towards who our eyes follow and keep all our attention on, which I think is crafted so well that you don’t even notice yourself doing it.

The genre of the film is very confusing at the start I would describe the film as indie or perhaps a romantic film which then turns into this psychological thriller of abuse completely switching all of its conventions from pathetic fallacies, s1112.jpglow shots and dream sequences, to quick cuts cross fades and torture. I haven’t watched to many films where the genre switches around but to be honest I quite like that it does this, it shows us two perspective what we perceive is happening behind closed doors and what really happens between two people.

the film is set in the 70’s which means it takes quite a few of its typical conventions to place us into that specific era, for example the titling classic curly white lettering in a funky font, again suggest a indie or old film, another convention taken is when we are shown home clips for example of the couple on the beach the sides are vignette to make us see what they see and really sell to the audience that this was most definitely filmed in the 1970’s.

One of the things 121.pngI love the most about this film is Linda mise-en-scene, although this is a film about pornography, Linda’s clothing have never suggested or shown anything like the sort ( apart from when she was a teenager) when she goes to her movie premiere she is covered shoulders to ankles in along white dress trying to cover her modesty playing an innocent role however the bright white spotlight comes along to show everything that’s beneath to me this suggests at the start how this was not her doing the spotlight is chuck, he is revealing what he wants and Linda well Linda doesn’t seem to have say…