Improved Final Film opening

yeah it hasn’t ended yet…


when Brittany and I were looking back at our film we noticed that some things needed to be changed and redone, as previous to this we had only watched our film on a computer screen with the same sound system but when we played it on YouTube and on the television we realised that something’s wasn’t quite right.

one of the things that is most noticeable is the titles that we have changed. We have changed the credits and the main title. We made the credits have more movement to really show how we have followed the conventions of se7en, in our evaluation we talked about that we didn’t have movement in our film opening as it distracted from what was going on but by actually incorporating the titles into the screen and making it look as if it is part of the footage we began to like the different dynamic it added to the film opening. The other thing we changed was the main title “invisible illnesses” the end title was very bland and just a pre-set found on adobe after effects so to put a more personal touch onto the film we made our own. We did this by using CC lens flare as the bright light that comes in then the same title from before but with a soft blur out to fade into the darkness, although this is not the flashiest of titles it suits our film as the ending is slow it wouldn’t make sense to have a extravagant title at the end it needed to fit to the film.

We also changed the last sequence in the film of the investigation wall, as before it jittered and was not a smooth transition from video footage to the still image of ‘Mark’ to try and rectify this we placed a black and white filter on the video footage so there was a smooth transition and spent more time on matching the face together before the camera pulls out to the reveal the wall.