Sound Edit

We wanted to make a short clip with all the sound that we have layered onto the productions with the many different takes it took to get it to the exact sound we are looking for, and also it was a convenient time to add in the bloopers from the shot.

Within this video is Mr Middleton speaking his lines rather hesitantly and shouting at us for being to harsh when saying he had too much of a feminine voice when saying the poetry.

there is also some unseen before footage included of characters we did not use for example, Eleanor, Jamie and Mrs Heryett, we wanted to show you the range of shots we got and how we have chosen the best pieces to add into our film opening

I hope you enjoy as it is rather funny…

yes brit


Sound// Music


Earlier in this process I had my Friend play a piano piece for me to use in my production Rainstorm, however when I started Invisible illnesses with Brittany, the song was to overpowering and had a slight happy vibe to it, therefore I then roped my friend Eleanor back in to learn a brand new song for us called Not about Angels by Birdy, now obviously I can not just take the song from youtube as that would be copywrited, by recording our own piece we have eliminated this factor and also created a pretty awesome song to work behind our opening sequence.

By having Eleanor play the piano, we havee

Also we have the voice recording of our main character Mark, reading his voice over of the poem’s we have constructed fitted to the music. To get this voice recording right took absolutely forever but we got there, so thank you Mr Middleton.

Filming for Invisible illnesses

You already know about how we want the lighting to go and how we would like the composition to reflect emotion, but at the point it was all hypothetical so how did it really turn out?

So it turns out we may only have 4 characters in the film as opposed to 6 characters, due to the change in the story line, we also felt that having 6 main characters could be confusing or perhaps over whelming when watching the film. We are now down to 4 characters Me and Brittany and then Mark and finally the other Brittany (okay, its still confusing but its better than what it was before)

just so I don’t bore you I’m going to show the best bits within our filming at the mill and with the smoke bombs, your just going to have excuse the fact that our filming is *cough* illegal *cough.

So thank you to Britt for editing this video to show our best bits , oh and we love Lana Del Ray so its fitting music to go behind it

filming research// practice

This weekend I decided I wanted to start the process of getting the opening scene filmed. It sound easy enough? yeah it wasn’t by a long shot, but I had no choice but to make changes where necessary to fit what is actually possible.

One of the first things we did was to go shopping (on black Friday!) and pick up some props to create effective mise- en-scene. However I made a crucial mistake in not buying strong enough wire to hold the books up so they could float in made air. As I couldn’t go back out and buy some more, I had to come up with a different way of doing this, so eventually we settled on having the books just resting on the side and later on edit it to make the books disappear.

My original idea was for the film to be about a girl who when she stops breathing magical unexplainable things start to occur, however it was now change to when the girl stops breathing she goes into the story book but the longer she stays the book in the real world begins to deteriorate.

Another problem we encountered was the fact that the minute your head goes under water, water gushes right up your nose making you breathe the water in, so we have a few failed shots of Eleanor spluttering but eventually we found a way around this and got some pretty effective shots.

Overall I think the filming did go well, with a few hiccups and a completely new idea, I got there and all that’s left to do is begin editing.

Also here are a few photos of where we filming and a few scene snapshots…


sound// I giorni and Rainstorm

this week I wanted to take a look at sound, as for the past few weeks my main focus has been on editing I wanted to change it up a little bit

so, I what I did was find a very talented piano playing who goes by the name of Eleanor Able and ask if she would play a piece of music for me.

now, as no copyrighted  music was is allowed in the production and most free music is a bit… I decided I would record all the music and sounds in my piece. the song I asked Eleanor to play is called i giorni by ludovico einaudi we changed the composition up as well to fit what i am hoping to make.

the next part i decided i would add is a reading of the poem Rainstorm by Erin Hanson all, please take into consideration that i recorded this on my phone and this is not the final draft its a little bit crackly but its the best i can do at this point.

so piecing all this together and adding the titles i made previously this is my end product

(drafted first product)