Scars to your Beautiful- personal project

During the weekend inspiration struck, which made me stay up all night and the next night as I was so intrigued by what I was making and the final outcome. The Inspiration was a music video about society’s standard of women, how we should look, how we should feel and how we are meant to view ourselves. The problem is I’ve grown up in a generation of the internet, Instagram, and Photoshop.  I have a distorted view of reality due to the images posted on my feed of how I’m meant to look, sure there is body positivity out there but as one body gains positivity another is put down down.

For example if we take the song “all about that bass” by Megan Trainer a brilliant songs for curvy women not so much for “skinny bitches” that all “think there fat”. Couldn’t the song of been body positivity for all rather than this body is better than that body. When I first listen to the song I absolutely loved it, it made me feel confident and that I could be any size I wanted, until someone came along and said “you do realise your the skinny bitch”, now of course I backed up Megan Trainer not believing that was what she was getting at until I listened to the lyrics of the words and realised that according to Megan I’m not allowed to love myself unless I was on the curvy side.

Since then I read article after article about how skinny/thin people must not eat, that they constantly diet and have no appreciation for self worth, however we also not allowed to complain since being Skinny is apparently the body we all aspire to have and we should shut up since we know nothing about how it really feels to loathe your body. I know there is a lot more shaming of larger women which is hopefully growing smaller however as the shaming of Larger women decreases our society has decided we must not have a new body type to shame and say is incorrect and unhealthy. I recently watched a video about how we must let the pendulum swing the other way before it reaches an equilibrium. Bullsh*t , We all know that an eye for an eye does not work, why should kids who did not even know body shaming existed be treated like they are not good enough because of what the older generation decides?

To be honest I’m sick of my generation not feeling like there good enough, because my generation did not create those views, we are not born with these views we learn them. If I live in a society that teaches teenagers to hate themselves there is something seriously wrong with the world.

But you know what I’ll shut up because what does a  “Skinny Bitch”  really know…

I’ll show you what.