Evaluation Question 2


*me and Brittany sat down are wrote this together*

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?


Social groups? Which are relevant?


Another group of people we are representing the particular groups, is looking into the mentally unwell. With our film we are challenging the stereotype that mentally unwell people are completely incompetent with their lives, along with the incorrect stereotype that people with mental health conditions are to blame for them, when in fact it’s been proven to be from genetics, life experiences, and trauma are to blame. It goes deep into exploring the life of the very capable Mark who lives a very full lifestyle.


Age – From the opening of our film, we see the majority of characters being teenage girls, however the narration is done by an older male. At the end of the opening sequence, we can see that the older male is overpowering the younger females as the faces of the two characters blend and disappear to show Mark as the dominant character. This shows the stereotypes of power and authority with age despite power in numbers.


Gender– Much like age, we see that the male dominates all of the female characters in the last shot. This goes with conventions of stereotypical male dominance of female.  We all see the females struggling with some problem with the narrations spoken over them, however we see Mark as taking over them and shows him gaining power over them. Even whilst the females have their own shots, we see Mark being the one to narrate them showing he has power over them.

Sexuality – within the opening we see sexuality being portrayed as heterosexual, as this film isn’t touching within the topic of sexuality, and more to mental illness. We see the male being masculine, and the females being feminine with the acting. We see this in the dark room shots a huge change of character between the females and the male as well as the clothing and movement of the characters (long hair blowing in the wind, dancing in the smoke etc.…).


Class and statues – We see all of the characters within the opening being of the same middle class status, and throughout the film. It challenges conventions of lower class being worse off, and shows that higher classes still have their struggles.