Evaluation Question 3


* me and Brittany sat down are wrote this together*

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?




Normal ways of distributing media would be through a trailers that cost millions of pounds, massive advertising boards down the M1 or through social media. On social media there is already networks of millions of people that you can access for free which is a great free alternate, most film companies would use a range of these technique to try and hit a bigger target audience. However what if your a small independent company that wants to find ways of distributing your media, what option is there for you, during my research I found that most independent companies  such as “first born films” use other companies willing to buy there product and distribute it for them, I mean there is a huge downside to that such as losing the rights to your production but Its a way… or you could opt for Youtube and distribute for free and keep all the rights to your production, the only problem with this is that you have to engage people to watch your film, to click on that link.


Ways to do this are actually quite simple, you could create teaser trailers and post them to bigger pages with a large platform there and waiting for you. You could share it on your social media and hope that your friends will also share it for you (very unlikely).


Normally the film distributor would do this for you, they will determine the best way forward, the way it will be exhibited, when the release date is and so on. Although we are not so lucky we are going to have to take on the role of this job with absolutely no experience. When I think back to how I may of scene a film its either made famous by a book, I bought the DVD (so outdated) or you watch it on the screen through television or at the cinema (if you can afford).


So lets pretend I am this fancy film distributor and how maybe I would do it, now since I’m poor ( or technically its a zero budget production) my way would be through using social media such as Facebook to try and drum up some hype about the film itself. Social media would also be a good way to go since it would reach our target audience of 16 to 25 years, as this is the predominant audience on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, another way to go about it would be through building up some interest around your film, for example releasing teaser trailers before the real trailer is released by doing this it builds up suspense and gives your audience time to engage in your production expanding their exposure time. Most films have a poster as a way to engage their audiences with information of the characters, when the release date is and who it is made by, as this is a great way of distributing we have made a poster inspired by ‘The autopsy of Jane Doe’ to try and make our film stand out, also we could hold a small production screening at a local cinema which would need some type of advertisement this is where the poster would come in.